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Key Functions @ Cake World

The Technology Infrastructure Team
The technology team is developing Smart Gift Discovery Platform allowing the customer to select the Product they want in seconds.

The Product Management Team
They understand the need of the customer, Predict the distinctive future based on the needs to identify the products, procure them at the best price based on our strict quality guidelines.

The Operations Team
Their Primary focus is to ensure a specific date delivery & in many cases a specific time delivery with the product specifications exactly as required.

The Design and Production Team
This team works on various designs and imagery aspects which our business demands. This team manages several in-house studios to ensure that our customers get to see product images which are state-of-the-art, inspirational, informative & accurate.

The Marketing Team
This team is responsible for all digital marketing, all media channels, BTL activities, content, brand messaging, customer communication, strategic tie-ups and PR.

The Customer Service Team
It is this team with socializes with our customers, hand holds them through their buying journey on Cake World and helps them with any issues they may face.

As our policy to ensure absolute customer privacy, we never call the customer / Remind for future occasions unless it is absolutely Necessary and opted explicitly.